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We are looking for fellow bored people!

Posted by: NorthAway - 11 July 2018
Hello there,

Thanks for visiting our site and reading our variety of work. We've been a close-knit group so far, doing all the projects by the same members. But now we want to expand our group by recruiting more people. Firstly, this will allow us to release faster. This is something both we, as group members, and you, as readers, want. Secondly, we can pick up more series. Boredom Society is a group that does anything interesting, whether it's new, not popular or dropped years ago. When a title gets our interest, we'll do it until the project is done. If you also want to be a part of our group, and work on our current titles or a new title, something you can suggest, then please go to our Discord server and message us there.